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April 15, 2017 Steinway Piano Gallery

1878 Steinway Model A

This 6′ one-of-a-kind Steinway piano has new soundboard, strings, bridges & pinblock restored at the Steinway factory. It also has all new Steinway action parts and has been completely refinished in it’s original rosewood finish.
This artistic, unique piece originally crafted in 1878 is not like to be found again. Notice the scroll work and detail in the cabinet.
To find out more about this piano and the work that has been done – call us at 480-368-8888


Unlike most rebuilders who use their own recipe with non-Steinway parts, measurements and designs, and who claim to be an expert in every facet of the rebuilding process, we understand that even at the Steinway & Sons factory one or two craftsmen do not have the skills or expertise to complete the entire piano. The craftsmen that build each new Steinway piano are keenly focused and highly trained on their part of the building process. It takes several craftsmen, with generations of experience, in different departments to uphold Henry Steinway’s pledge to “build the best piano possible.” We follow this same philosophy when we restore each Steinway & Sons piano. We incorporate the highest qualified craftsmen in their field all over the country, including the restoration factory at Steinway & Sons, to restore our Steinway pianos. And of course – All with genuine Steinway parts. Call us for details on this piano. 480-368-8888.