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Piano teachers are a valuable part of our business and our community. This is a list of piano teachers that have attended one or more of our piano construction workshops as a part of their dedication to continuing education. This workshop is on the differences in piano construction and how it affects the player.

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Piano Teacher List

Olga Gorelik

Instruments Taught: Piano Taught Since (Year): 2001Ages/Levels Taught: All ages and levels Home Phone: (216) 402 5460 Website: http://gorelikpianostudio.wix.com/olgagorelik

I most enjoy working with students who are curious, quirky, and enthusiastic about learning.  What makes teaching both challenging and fascinating for me is that each student is unique and will hear, interpret, and express music differently.  Through my teaching experience, I’ve found that one can begin studying music and piano at any age.

Similar to academic fields, learning the art of playing the piano requires dedication, patience, and discipline, and I enjoy seeing students who thrive in music succeed in so many other endeavors.  I believe that one-on-one piano lessons can develop not only a mastery of the instrument, but many other generalizable skills that are conducive to a successful academic and artistic future.

As a pedagogue, I strive to build a solid foundation and develop in each pianist a set of skills necessary to feel free at the keyboard and to be able to express oneself through music.  Educating and inspiring those who will be the future of our classical music audiences is one of the most valuable and fulfilling parts of my job.

I look forward to the privilege of becoming part of Phoenix culture.

For more information please visit my website at http://gorelikpianostudio.wix.com/olgagorelik