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Piano teachers are a valuable part of our business and our community. This is a list of piano teachers that have attended one or more of our piano construction workshops as a part of their dedication to continuing education. This workshop is on the differences in piano construction and how it affects the player.

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Piano Teacher List

Jennifer Jolls

Photo of Jennifer Jolls
Instruments Taught: Piano; Classical, Music Theory, Pop Taught Since: 1990Ages/Levels Taught: Beginner thru Advanced Home Bell/20th St. Home Phone: 602-626-7890 Cell Phone: 602-909-3442 Website: http://jenjolls.com/

BIO: born and raised in Chicago, but living 25+ years in Phoenix, Jen has been a musician, teacher and entertainer her entire life.  Playing piano since 5, “Miss Jen” has studied Classical to Jazz, Broadway, Christian music, movie scores, New Age, Disney, and on and on….. She also shares her love of music by teaching piano to all ages:

TEACHING: Music is a small language.  I teach differently with every student.  One to one lessons I find are the best.  Everyone learns at a different pace- I’ve taught all ages, from 3 years old (I prefer you start them at 5) to 83 years old!  I’ve also taught students with disabilities.  Learning music is kind of a personal thing.  Different tastes in the genre, which is why I have so many varieties of music to work with.

I work with students in all aspects from Technique to Theory to Chords and a little history.  I like to dabble in vocals during lessons and percussion rhythms.  Sometimes, a little dancing (most of my students know the basic Waltz in ¾ time…  it helps)…

I conduct yearly recitals which are always “themed”, and choreograph a couple group numbers….  so it’s a show!  All ages have fun at Miss Jen’s recitals!

Fun, honest, Christian, extremely musical and love to teach!  What a blessing to share…

PROFESSIONAL: The woman of a thousand songs, Jen Jolls has a repertoire that would take more pages to list than anyone would care to read.  When it comes to hiring her, variety is indeed the “spice of life”.   She is currently the in-house pianist for events at the Orange Tree Golf Resort.  Weddings, brunches, office or birthday parties and such.

Her next gig is the Glamour and Glitz Gala at the Biltmore Resort for the Academy Awards!  An annual event playing movie songs while locals walk the red carpet.

Here are a couple of reviews from the website Thumbtack:

We Found the Perfect Piano Teacher for Our Children!

We LOVE Miss Jen’s Piano Lessons! She’s really patient and sweet with the kids. The home-work/practice is age-appropriate and the kids are really thriving in piano and they love the sticker rewards when they complete their lessons correctly. I would’ve never imagined they would pick it up so easily/quickly. The excellent instruction from Miss Jen is key! I am tempted to start lessons as well as she has many adult students who take from her. 5 STARS!!!

Expect a very personable, flexible & talented musician & vocalist!

We had Jen play background music for a holiday gathering at our home. When some of our littler guests approached her, she took requests and engaged the children in a sing-a-long. Jen has a vast repertoire of music and she is a great vocalist as well. We could not have been more pleased! When you hire Jen you can expect a very personable, flexible and talented musician. Veronica S. on January 1, 2011

5/5 stars

Our 8 year old daughter just loves Miss. Jen. She has learned so much in such a short time. Watching Miss. Jen instruct her during the lesson was nothing short of magical. I kept thinking that Miss. Jen is the “Horse Whisperer” of her industry. Much more than I ever expected from a piano instructor. She makes the lessons fun and our daughter listens and hangs on every word Miss. Jen says. Ivan G. on December 4, 2014