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Piano teachers are a valuable part of our business and our community. This is a list of piano teachers that have attended one or more of our piano construction workshops as a part of their dedication to continuing education. This workshop is on the differences in piano construction and how it affects the player.

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Piano Teacher List

Hannah N. Vango

Photo of Hannah N. Vango
Instruments Taught: Piano Taught Since (Year): 1994Ages/Levels Taught: 3 year olds to seniors Work 10242 N 58th ST Paradise Valley AZ 85253 Cell Phone: 602-802-5167

Ms. Vango received a Master of Music degree in Music Theory from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from The University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated Summa cum laude. She has received numerous scholarships including Golden Key.
She is certified in Child Development at Austin Community College and also certified to teach the Mayron Cole Piano Method. She has written the Master’s report Pierrot’s Madness and Schoenberg’s Rationality: A Structural Approach to Pierrot lunaire, “Nacht” and “Der Mondfleck.”  She has studied with many prestigious scholars including Dr. Stefan Kostka, Dr. Edward Pearsall, and Dr. Elisanda Fabregas.

Experience and Teaching Style

She began teaching piano in 1993 in Seoul, Korea and came to the U.S. to further study music. She has many experiences in performing in public and has several recordings including works by J. S. Bach, Haydn, Prokofiev, Faure, Chopin, Beethoven, Patrick Boland and more. She has taught sophomores at The University of Texas at Austin as a teaching assistant for two years. She taught hundreds of students in Austin, TX for 14 years before relocating to Phoenix, AZ. She has taught students in ages from 3 to 76 and students with autism. She is a very patient and understanding teacher.

As an experienced piano teacher with a piano performance, music theory and child development background, she has written five books of the Vango Piano Method and advises other piano teachers. The Vango Piano Method is different from other piano methods as it presents musical concepts in a systematic and comprehensive way so that students learn thoroughly and reach their full potential.

She is open to other supplements and method books because she knows every student learns differently. She customizes lessons according to students’ goals and needs, and helps them achieve their goals by exposing students to various types of music, which makes learning piano more interesting. Her philosophy of teaching piano is to help students with reading music accurately. The students will learn to read and interpret any music by themselves so they can enjoy playing what they want to play in their lifetime. Just learning a few famous songs quickly without taking time to learn to read music will not achieve this lifetime skill. Give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Learning to play music nurtures one’s soul as well as it develops one’s brain. As an experienced piano teacher, she knows how to balance the fun and seriousness of learning piano and she offers ear training and sight singing for students who want to extend their musical abilities. In addition, she has numerous experiences with helping students successfully take grade exams such as ABRSM.