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Piano teachers are a valuable part of our business and our community. This is a list of piano teachers that have attended one or more of our piano construction workshops as a part of their dedication to continuing education. This workshop is on the differences in piano construction and how it affects the player.

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Piano Teacher List

Mrs. Amy Elizabeth Ocampo (Guinnip)

Instruments Taught: Piano Taught Since (Year): 2005Ages/Levels Taught: 6 to 85 (Beginner to Advanced) Cell Phone: (480) 399 4641

Amy Ocampo has been playing and studying the piano and music for 37 years. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic instructor, who takes each student’s individual strengths and areas of challenge into account to bring out the absolute best in each of them. She believes in a learning environment that is both fun and challenging, and strives for excellence in music with each and every student.

She strives to instill in each  student  a personal relationship with the piano as early as possible in the learning process. The piano has as many voices as there are people who play it. In her experience, having a more customized approach to the learning plan of each student results in students who are generally more motivated, who have a higher practice rate, look forward to their lessons and experience success in playing. While a sound foundation of technique, musical knowledge and theory is established for all students, the method differs based on each student’s learning patterns.

Formerly a music teacher at a private Christian school, she has been teaching piano privately for the past nine years and is a member of the Music Teachers National Association. She has played in worship, contemporary and jazz bands, and is proficient in teaching various styles of music, as well as music theory, harmony and composition. She is currently a pianist on the Moon Valley Bible Church worship team, where she has played for the past 12 years, and performs Wednesday evenings at Nostalgi’a Cancione E Vino in Glendale.