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Superior Products

At Piano Showroom we are constantly reevaluating the piano market so that we offer the best piano values to our customers.  We take our commitment to providing pianos that help you succeed seriously. Whether it’s a lower priced digital piano or a concert grand, we have the best piano for you in every price range.

Product Knowledge and Customer Service

Our sales staff is picked from the elite.  We make pianos our business so you know the information you are getting is reliable and up to date.  We regularly tour factories, visit trade shows and subscribe to relevant material to keep up to date with the current piano market.

Community Support

Throughout the year Piano Showroom will donate thousands of dollars in goods and services to local music and arts organizations.  We believe that music needs to be a part of our community and we are committed to doing our part to help everyone from the local arts organizations to the local piano teacher with just a few students.  We understand that building long term relationships with these organizations will be beneficial to everyone in our community.

We invite you to call any local independent arts organization, piano technician, piano teacher or local university and ask them about Piano Showroom and how we do business.  We are confident that their responses will be positive and that they will recommend doing business with us.